He’s About To Get A Treat – But Busts Out A Dance Move That Has Everyone Cracking Up

This baby can’t help but laugh at his dancing dog, and we don’t blame him. Probably two of the most adorable things in the world are babies and dogs. Now, put these two together – and it’s absolute cuteness overload. In the video, we see little baby Rocco lying on his belly. And who’s standing next to him? His white fluffy dog named Chopper, of course! The two are about the same size – so it’s easy to tell that they are probably the best of friends.

Mom has the video camera out and is recording the scene before her. Chopper is excited dancing around, while baby Rocco laughs at his pup. Then, the dog breaks out his fancy moves! He spins and twirls while looking at Mom…who is holding out treats to reward her talented pet. For Rocco, it is the most hilarious show in the world. The video goes on for several minutes and it’s easy to see why. How could you ever get tired of watching a giggling baby and a dancing dog?


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