Sleep-Shaking Coffee Facts Every Caffeine Drinker Needs To Know

Ah, curse those dreaded mornings! The sun hits those closed eyelids, reminding you work looms around the corner and a long day’s about to begin. The glorious land of dreams has come to an end, and the real world awaits. Isn’t that feeling just the worst?

Luckily, slamming a hot (or cold) cup of coffee first thing in the morning helps you gather energy to kick yourself into high gear and win the day. Millions of people love the stuff, but even the biggest coffee fanatics can’t know everything.

1. Coffee isn’t just for humans, as a cat named Creme Puff proved. She holds the Guinness World Record as the oldest cat ever at age 38, and according to her owners, she drank coffee every single morning.

2. Employees at the University of Cambridge knew how frustrating it was finding an empty pot of coffee when that craving struck. So, they hooked up a webcam and pointed it directly at the pot so they always knew when it ran out.

3. People all over the world enjoy coffee every morning (and any other time of day) to help give them that extra little perk of energy. The country that consumes the most coffee, however, is Finland (26.5 lbs per person per year).

4. People drink coffee for the caffeine, of course. The chemical is a mild diuretic, which means it makes you urinate more frequently. However, the amount of fluid you take in with coffee is more than you expel, so it won’t dehydrate you.

5. The only reason why coffee “beans” are called what they are is because they look like beans. In reality, they’re berries. So, that cup of brown liquid you drink every morning comes from berries.

6. People usually drink coffee with breakfast in the morning to give themselves the push for the upcoming day. However, the drink wasn’t always widely available, so what did people do? They opted to drink a cold glass of beer with their eggs, instead.

7. It’s been said coffee was discovered by a goat herder who was traversing high up in the mountains. After his herd consumed a certain type of berry (the coffee berry), they suddenly had tons of energy.

8. Cappuccinos are a great tasting way to get a caffeine fix, and they’re even better when you have a barista who can make the foam into an awesome design. The name “cappuccino” comes from the Capuchin friars whose cloaks were the same color.


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